Thea and Hope

8 & 7 years old

Could you provide Thea and Hope with a home for good?

Over half of the 2,800+ children waiting for adoption right now have brothers, sisters or both. Thea and Hope are sisters currently waiting for an adoptive family.

They both have different personalities and interests. The sisters aged 8 and 6 would benefit from a two-parent family who are;

Open, affectionate, energetic, warm and nurturing, patient, accepting of difference, love the outdoors, positive, fun, and able to provide clear routines and boundaries.

All about Thea and Hope

Thea is 8 years old and is the eldest of the two children and described as a girl who loves attention and has a bubbly personality.

Thea loves putting on make up. She also loves arts and crafts, playing with dolls, pretending to be mummy, playing on Xbox, riding her bike and watching Roblox.

Thea enjoys a wide variety of activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading and trampolining.

The younger of the two children, Hope enjoys playing outside, arts and crafts, imaginative play and dressing up as Spiderman!

Hope likes cars and loves anything blue; always picks something if it’s blue! Hope’s favourite TV programmes are Paw Patrol and PJ Masks - especially Catboy!

Hope is quite shy and reserved takes a long time to be comfortable with new people. Hope shows happy emotions through a high 5 and does not readily show emotions when upset.

Hope can also be very easily embarrassed which can lead to lashing out. Foster carers are working with Hope to help make sense of these feelings and that it’s ok to feel that way.

It is clear that Thea and Hope love each other very much. Like all siblings, they wind each other up sometimes but they get along much more than they argue!

They respond well to routines and structure in their day and both sleep well in the room they share together.

Thea and Hope have responded well to nurture and care however, due to their early life experiences both still require a lot of support in helping them understand their feelings and emotions and their future family would need to continue with this.

Thea and Hope really want to stay together, they take it for granted that they will always live together and will never be separated. They are family and the only people in the world who can truly understand their story the way they do.

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Thea and Hope.

To find out more about Thea and Hope, email: or call 07788 463 909

The Bespoke Family Finding Service is delivered by our partner agencies, Adoption Matters and Caritas Care.

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